IT'S the New Year yet again!

Posted January 04, 2017

For example, starting off the New Year saying you are "never" going to touch another carb or that you are going to "always" exercise seven days a week.

However, some people tell JET 24/FOX 66 they stopped making resolutions because they don't stick to them.

It's a common cliché, people flock to the gym in early January hoping this year they will be able to make good on that New Year's Resolution to get into shape.

"If I believe in them, then I do them. It is nice to set goals", she added.

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At 17, Lick isn't that different from millions of people who have difficulty sticking to their newfound resolutions, she said.

This time a year ago, the Cork woman (32) vowed to tackle her fear of heights head on to achieve her dream to climb to the base camp of Mt Everest. Take the positive aspects of the day and be grateful for them.

Anna Eggers, 17, doesn't set New Year's resolutions, not believing in the concept of crafting a better self just because a new year is on the calendar. For instance, your exercise Resolution would be "I'm doing more exercise in 2017. I just try to be a better person all the time", she said. Hopefully that will also keep your positive, supportive messaging targets more focused on your actual Resolutions. It is much easier to start going to the gym and working out if you have a workout partner, friend, family member and/or a personal trainer to work with you.

We are imperfect humans - and we need to allow for life to get in the way sometimes, but to find solutions and ways to overcome obstacles.