Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Won't Commit to Next Season, Considering Retirement

Posted January 26, 2017

Ben Roethlisberger has been known to be a drama king both on and off the field during his 13-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"To consider health, and family and things like that and just kind of take some time away to evaluate next season, if there's going to be a next season", Roethlisberger said. "You don't want to be carted out and leave this game worse for wear".

"Ben said it, so you do take it seriously", Tomlin told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I'm saying at this point of my career that it's prudent ... to evaluate, to make sure".

"I'm not alarmed by it, that's football", Tomlin said. I think it's our desire to be world champs.

"Obviously, I'm hopeful that he returns". I'm not alarmed by that process. That's life. He is a significant component. "We'll plan and react accordingly". The coach also said that Roethlisberger has expressed similar sentiments in past offseasons. And who knows, pray that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick retire after this year's Super Bowl, and the Steelers can rattle off a few more titles before Ben's contract is up.

"I'm not by any means saying I'm not coming back or anything like that", Roethlisberger said Tuesday on his weekly 93.7-FM radio segment. "But we were pleased with what he was able to do and provide us and we're open to that discussion for sure".

Tomlin said: "He said it".

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Roethlisberger does not have any serious injuries that would require offseason surgery, but considering he turns 35 in March, he is clearly considering when his career might come to a close. "He's one of the last I meet with".

Senquez Golson - The 2015 second-round draft pick has missed two years with different injuries and is a cornerback who might help with the lack of man-coverage personnel in the secondary. Winning is what has driven Roethlisberger and will bring him back. "I saw this movie before".

"It's not just playing, it's not just coaching". That's what a lot of the end-of-the-year business is about for us. And it's also possible that Roethlisberger wants to see which direction the Steelers go when it comes to trying to keep playmakers Le'Veon Bell (a free agent this year) and Antonio Brown around.

Ryan will be the first NFL MVP the Patriots will have faced in the Super Bowl since Kurt Warner 15 years ago - though they have encountered NFL MVPs in the AFC playoffs since then, including Peyton Manning and LaDainian Tomlinson. "At times, we didn't execute as well as we would have liked". I'm guessing you would, too. "I would be less than genuine if I didn't acknowledge that as well". As always, Tomlin began with an assessment, and while those assessments in-season most often dealt with the team's most recent game, this one attempted in part to provide some insight into what is going on right now with the team in the immediate aftermath of losing the AFC Championship Game.

"I base our matchups on what our people are capable of doing and doing well", Tomlin said.

Having a franchise quarterback is the cornerstone of the foundation for any National Football League team every year, and so it wasn't long into the question-and-answer portion of the presser before the topic of Roethlisberger's hedging on his future was presented to Tomlin.