Now Loading...Should Resident Evil Continue With Its Current Direction?

Posted January 30, 2017

Resident Evil 7 has shipped a massive 2.5 million units.

PC players will find this version of the game is the "most technically accomplished release", as it offers higher resolutions with "the most refined presentation available".

However, it would appear that even having sold well over 2 million copies after merely three full days at launch worldwide, Resident Evil 7 may have failed to hit internal sales targets set by Capcom.

In case you're not now riding the hype train with your tongue flailing out the window, Resident Evil 7 is 2017's first must-have game; a veritable cornucopia of jump-scares, grossout moments, memorable characters and a perfectly paced story with plenty of twists and turns.

Using those who did accept the prompt, Capcom has collected a wealth of data regarding the play habits of Resident Evil 7 players.

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Resident Evil 7 is the talk of gaming right now, and for a good reason. Other stats that reveal larger story spoilers are hidden behind a lock-screen that can be unlocked when you complete the game. Biohazard draws from its roots with signature hallmarks of exploration, puzzle solving and tense atmosphere.

Fortunately you're not completely defenceless, and long-time Resident Evil fans will be happy to hear that many familiar weapons and items make a return, while classic Resident Evil puzzles involving locked doors and antique items are plentiful.

Every movement, sound and shadow is enough to get the pulse racing, and it's even more nerve-wracking when you enter an brand new area for the first time, or come face to face with a twisted new foe. Cumulative sales of the games in the series now total 75 million units since the first title debuted in 1996.

Regarding monsters and jump scares, Resident Evil 7 has you covered. It spawned dozens of sequels and spin-offs, including a whole film series.