Final Fantasy XV DLC Delayed Because of The Power Rangers

Posted February 08, 2017

During a recent interview with DualShockers, Hajime Tabata explained to the website that around 70 percent of the development team are still working on Final Fantasy XV.

But that doesn't mean the console version isn't still on its way. This is also why its creator, Takeo Kujiraoka thinks that it can be a great e-sports game.

Final Fantasy XV covered all of its development costs within the first day of launch.

Late 2016 bestseller, lavishly presented adventure game Final Fantasy XV, is preparing to receive a number of improvements and extra features alongside its previously announced paid expansions.

For those that were still not confident that this new, non-traditional Hitman game was legitimate upon release, its live content drove conversations that helped win new fans.

Israel passes bill to guard Jewish settlements on Palestinian land
Al Jazeera's Imran Khan, reporting from West Jerusalem, said: "Palestinians are simply being forced to do this". Under the bill, Palestinian owners would be financially compensated by Israel, but could not sell their land.

In terms of Square Enix' games revenue, this has increased by over 30% across a nine month period ending at the conclusion of December, and the Digital Entertainment revenue was 146 billion yen, an increase of 33% year on year.

"When it comes to eSports, if there are the core [games] that pros get into for the prize money, then are also the more relaxed esports out there", he said. However, now it can be downloaded via the platform of Steam by players from the West. Tabata even admitted that their team would like to see it too. But unlike the studio's game about cars with rocket packs ramming giant inflatable balls into nets which did become a popular game and successful esport, Nosgoth never caught on, despite Matsuda's enthusiasm.

I want to spread the amount of enthusiasm for Dissidia Final Fantasy even more.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is now available at Japanese arcades.

Look to Nioh, releasing Feb 7 on PlayStation 4.