Consequences of defunding Planned Parenthood

Posted February 12, 2017

"They were the only people who cared", Caldwell says.

Sue Panique had an abortion through Planned Parenthood at the age of 18. A counter rally against Planned Parenthood took place at the company's Ithaca office at 620 W. Seneca St. Some prayed while Planned Parenthood volunteers stood by, ready to escort patients.

Organizers say they'll meet at the Planned Parenthood facility at 3000 Maplewood 9 a.m. "My boyfriend and I both decided that this is going to be the year that we'll start standing up and doing what we believe in".

Brody Hagemeier, a senior and president of SCSU for Life, organized the protest for the anti-abortion side.

When dealing with the services offered by Planned Parenthood, the controversial service of abortion is often highlighted, but a majority of the services primarily involve gynecological care and preventative care for women, men, and young adults.

The first event, urging the federal government to strip funds from Planned Parenthood was scheduled to last until 11 am.m Saturday near the clinic at 825 Shields Street.

Since 2015, the coalition has hosted annual rallies, according to its website, and focused this year's rally on stripping Planned Parenthood of federal funding and giving it to federally qualified health centers that don't perform abortions.

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They're calling on President Donald Trump and Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

"I came to realize that what's really most important to Planned Parenthood is their bottom line".

Jossie Valentin, a Holyoke city councilor who is slated to speak at the rally, argued that losing resources like Planned Parenthood would hit minority communities hard.

Prey argues that Planned Parenthood helps to prevent abortions through education and birth control. The West Allis facility does not provide abortion services. Reproductive rights was one of the issues that sparked the Women's Marches the day after Trump's inauguration, while pro-life demonstrators, seeing allies in the White House, welcomed Pence at the 44th March for Life on January 27.

"I feel like we got sort of complacent and comfortable with the status quo and didn't realize how quickly things can change and didn't realize how many things can be at threat if we don't participate", Caudill said.

"To take away funding from Planned Parenthood you're taking away basic healthcare for women that can't afford to have insurance or women that don't have employers that provide it", Michelle Petz told 24 Hour News 8.