Hundreds of illegal immigrants arrested during ICE raids across the US

Posted February 12, 2017

Raids caused panic in immigrant communitiesRecent arrests and deportations have affected people who were not considered a priority for deportation under the Obama administration. While state university presidents have openly expressed support for global and immigrant students, the schools are not considering it. "We know it's going on, we've seen video of it going on, we have families telling us it's going on, explain what's going on, that's what this community deserves", Council Member Garza said.

In a recent memo to UA students and employees, Hart said she opposed executive order banning entry to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, which has now been overturned, and indefinitely suspending the refugee program.

Numerous policies that sanctuary campuses enact already exist at the UA, according to Hart.

Still, Manley said that APD's goal is to keep all residents of Austin safe, regardless of their citizenship status.

The arrests in Virginia appear to be part of a broad effort to step up enforcement across the country, first reported Friday by the Washington Post.

Sources tell NY1 officers began cracking down on immigrant communities nationwide. "Since my parents can't do it, I'll do it for them".

Fonseca said students are scared and they can not focus on their academics when they're afraid of themselves or their family members being deported. "We're one of the most diverse universities in the nation".

Rep. Ruben Gallego, A Democrat who represents Arizona's Congressional district, said Trump "has chosen to scapegoat the immigrant community instead of working with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform".

Regent Ron Shoopman said in a meeting with the Star the board will not act on any sanctuary designations based on speculations about what the Trump administration may do.

"We're doing routine we've always done", Kice said.

The Mexican Consulate in Austin has confirmed to the American-Statesman that 30 Mexican immigrants were detained by ICE on Friday and 14 were detained Thursday.

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That was in response to questions regarding the possible termination of DACA, which President Trump said on the campaign trail he would repeal.

Immigration lawyer Brad Maze joined Stateside to talk about the executive order and the concerns it raises.

Interior enforcement means immigration enforcement that happens inside the United States, aside what happens at borders and other ports of entry, including airports.

ICE states those suspects not recommended for criminal prosecution will likely face "removal in the near future".

"We're talking about people who are threats to public safety or a threat to the integrity of the immigration system", she told the newspaper.

Crowley said "the timing is interesting, to say the least".

"And this isn't the right way to go", said Teresa Velazquez.

"We want a written policy where CMPD does not work with immigration officials". He called the disconnect between information released to the public by the immigration authorities and the reality of their movements "deeply troubling". "And now, they feel more positive about things". Some groups issued guidance for dealing with ICE officials.

The agency has also denied that the raids had anything to do with President Trump's crackdown on immigration. The US Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment by Quartz.

"You're not as scared if you're prepared", she said.