Fugitive ex-Peruvian president not on flight to Israel

Posted February 13, 2017

Toledo has earned postgraduate economics degrees from Stanford University, near San Francisco, and has lectured there.

A worldwide arrest warrant is issued for former President Alejandro Toledo for allegedly accepting $20 million in bribes from Brazilian company Odebrecht, a media report said on Friday.

Some Peruvians have speculated that Toledo might have traveled to Israel, where his longtime friend, Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman, is believed to live.

LIMA, Peru-Peruvian authorities moved to detain a former president tied to a regionwide graft scandal, offering a $30,000 reward for his capture and alerting Interpol that he may be in the USA or Israel.

Peru has an extradition treaty with the United States but does not have one with Israel.

The former president is accused of taking bribes from scandal-plagued Brazilian construction company Odebrecht to give the firm a juicy contract for a highway linking Brazil and Peru.

Odebrecht only paid $20 million because Toledo did not change the bidding terms to exclude competitors, Castro said, citing testimony from Barata.

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The downfall of Toledo, once a pro-democracy hero and anti-corruption crusader to many in Peru, has raised questions about who might be next as Odebrecht provides testimony on high-ranking officials it bribed from Argentina to Panama.

If captured, Toledo will be detained for up to 18 months as prosecutors prepare charges against him.

A judge in Peru issued an worldwide arrest warrant for Former Peru president Alejandro Toledo Thursday.

Toledo denies the allegations against him, originally explaining the money came from a loan from his wife's mother that came from compensation she received as a Holocaust survivor.

"Former Peru President Toledo will be allowed into Israel only when his matters are settled in Peru", an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"Lies just flow out of him", he said, adding a message for his former boss: "If it turns out you're guilty and you go to jail, then rot in there".

Peruvian authorities have also contacted Interpol, which issued an alert to its 190 member states.