Kim Jong-Un's Brother 'Killed By Two Female Spies' In Airport

Posted February 16, 2017

He reportedly fell out of favor when he was caught trying to enter Japan on a false passport in 2001, saying he wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Kim Jong Nam died Monday soon after becoming ill at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) before an outbound flight to Macau. The autopsy was carried out as scheduled on Wednesday (15 February).

In Malaysia, the police chief in charge of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Assistant Commissioner Abdul Aziz Ali, told AFP a Korean in his forties was found sick at the airport on Monday.

However, the police sources added that, officials from the secretive communist state had been to the hospital and were coordinating with Malaysian authorities. Malaysian police have yet to confirm this.

The report, citing what it called multiple government sources, said the two women hailed a cab and fled immediately afterwards. The incident angered his father and ultimately took him out of the running as North Korea's next leader.

Kim Jong Un addresses commanding officers of the combined units of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in this photo released April 2, 2014. He is survived by two sons and a daughter, according to South Korea's National Intelligence Service.

North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol second form left stands at the entrance as he prepares to leave the forensic department at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Wednesday Feb. 15 2017. News of the apparent assassination of North Korean
Kim Jong-Un's Brother 'Killed By Two Female Spies' In Airport

"The news about Kim Jong-nam will be put out either through loudspeaker broadcasts or the radio, where senior officials are sure to feel their lives are threatened by the fact that Kim Jong-un killed a family member".

The letter said: "I hope you cancel the order for the punishment of me and my family". In a 2014 interview in Paris with a South Korean newspaper, he said he didn't know much or care to know much about his half brother's regime.

"It seems probable that the motivation for the murder was a continuing sense of paranoia on the part of Kim Jong Un, which may be a well-placed paranoia", Mr Tokola wrote in a commentary overnight.

"Yes, nearly certainly", North Korea expert Van Jackson told Bloomberg. Neither of his sisters, who are thought to be part of the North Korean government, would stand much of a chance of rising to power in the highly patriarchal country.

Jong Nam, estranged from the reclusive North Korean regime, was pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital. In 2010, he was quoted in Japanese media as saying he opposed dynastic succession in North Korea. He was known to travel to Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. South Korean media is reporting that Kim was in his 40s. And older brother Kim Jong-chul "isn't seen as a main threat to usurp power", Bloomberg says.

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