Ultra Street Fighter II: New First-Person Mode Confirmed

Posted February 16, 2017

"The Final Challengers" is an upcoming fighting game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch platform.

As discovered by Nintendo Everything, the box officially confirms that Ultra Street Fighter 2 will have the first-person mode that was teased in the original reveal trailer in January.

According to Nintendo Everything, the first-person mode is called "Unleash!" Unfortunately, other details are not known, in addition it was pointed out that the box also shows the presence of an artwork gallery in high resolution with over 250 pages of illustrations drawn from the main episodes of the series.

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In the trailer, viewers can actually get a glimpse of the first-person mode at time instant 2:08.

Nintendo Everything harvested this intel from a photo of the Ultra Street Fighter 2's box, now that Switch images are starting to come out of Japan. HaDOken, in which players will be using the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers. Given the Joy-Con motion controllers being specified, it could be that the player will have to use motion controls to perform the move. Also, a screenshot shows a timer and multiple Shadaloo Soldiers, making it look like rail shooter mini-game mode. It does appear that Capcom's mainstream engine is capable of making Switch software.

First, this new mode will feature more than just the Hadoken. A logo for MT Framework can be found near the bottom of the box. Ultra Street Fighter 2 will also introduce two new characters with Violent Ken and Evil Ryu.