Justin Bieber Accused of Punching Man in Cleveland in 2016

Posted February 17, 2017

A Las Vegas man filed a police report against pop superstar Justin Bieber on Tuesday, alleging the 22-year-old assaulted him last June following the third game of the National Basketball Association finals. TMZ reports that eyewitnesses saw the singer "play-fighting" with actor Kyle Massey outside Serafina in the city when he noticed a man filming him.

In this latest instance, Bieber reportedly asked the patrion to stop recording and delete the video. Justin left the premises by the time police arrived.

After Justin's team also allegedly got involved, the man - said to be much bigger than the Love Yourself singer - was treated in hospital for injuries including a concussion.

Oh, Bieber just can't stay out of trouble.

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Law enforcement sources reportedly told TMZ the alleged incident happened around 2 a.m.at Los Angeles restaurant Serafina, were Bieber's producer buddy, Poo Bear, was hosting a party. The staffer apparently resisted and some partygoers started recording as well. that's when the eyewitnesses say Justin lunged at the guy.

Looks like Justin Bieber is taking time out from beefin' with the Weeknd and is now getting out his aggression by headbutting strangers at parties.

In the meantime, we'll make Beliebers feel better about this possible scandal and arrest by sharing a bunch of really hot Justin Bieber photos.

The outlet says the victim isn't interested in pressing charges, but the misdemeanor battery investigation is still open.