Microsoft announces Skype Lite, an app created to run under slow connections

Posted February 24, 2017

Nadella said that Microsoft is very excited about innovations such as Skype Lite and Kaizala - another mobile app developed initially for, and extensively used in, India - because, he explained, "it is born from this fundamental insight we gain by observing how digital work is transforming in India".

Skype is Microsoft's chat, voice call and video chat service available across platforms.

Will you use Skype Lite when it will be released in your country?

An in-app authentication for Aadhaar would also be available for the app by June this year. Post installing the app on your Android smartphone, you can sign up via your mobile number, email id or your Skype name. With Skype Lite, not only can I establish a video call, but also verify the identity of the candidate in the same call within seconds using Aadhaar.

Size and ConvenienceThe app is just 13MB in size and will offer all of the functions of the main app. While those services can be data intensive, a new version dubbed Skype Lite arrives especially for the Indians.

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In realising the digital transformation of the country, the internet giant launched an app called Skype Lite, which consumes much less data than the Skype app. The app can send and receive both SMS and Skype messages, and you can set it as your default SMS app.

Speaking at the company's Future Decoded event in Mumbai Nadella said, "Microsoft's cloud and mobile technologies are being using across large, medium and small enterprises and across government departments in India". There's also a dark theme, in contrast to the regular white background.

One of the highlight features of Skype Lite is the Bot integration. Also, the new app is created to run on old or low-end Android devices without consuming too much memory or processing power.

Besides this, Skype Lite will also feature India-focused third party chatbots. "What we were seeing is that people were aware of Skype, they were our users, but they were dropping off", said Nadella. It has been optimized to run on 2G networks or in challenging network conditions and support seven languages, including Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Noting that LinkedIn is now part of the Microsoft product empire, he said his company's "dream has always been to be able to take the world's biggest professional network and connect it to the professional cloud and make it possible for every professional in the world to be able to realize their economic opportunity".