SpaceX Red Dragon Mission To Mars Pushed Back For 2020

Posted February 24, 2017

It's been a somewhat turbulent week for the SpaceX Dragon capsule, but today SpaceX and NASA announced that it has successfully docked with the International Space Station. NASA stated the Dragon craft and the ISS crew are safe.

NASA spokesperson Rob Navias, as per the LA Times, said the Dragon capsule was about seven-tenths of a mile below the space station and heading toward its final approach when the abort command was triggered. "The next rendezvous attempt is targeted for Thursday morning".

After the crew unloads the Dragon, the vessel will be packed with trash and other items and return to Earth.

SpaceX launched a cargo pod into space - but it couldn't reach its target.

NASA's Space Station Advisory Committee has serious concerns about the company's safety standards however, and suggested that SpaceX review its policies even before the explosion.

The hangar can accommodate five Falcon 9 rocket cores at a time, according to SpaceX.

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NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida will act as a multi-user spaceport due to the launch of Space X's Falcon 9 rocket at launch complex 39-A, a historic launch pad.

NASA confirmed on its TV service that the capsule, carrying almost 5,500 pounds of supplies and research materials, was "captured" by astronauts operating the station's robotic arm at 2:44 a.m. PST.

Thursday's orbital arrival comes 24 hours after Dragon aborted its first approach to the station. The space flyers will also explore the area around while flying.

Musk hopes to use SpaceX to reduce space transportation costs and enable the colonization of Mars.

A few hours before Dragon aborted its rendezvous, Russian Federation launched the Progress MS-05 cargo ship resupply ship from Kazakhstan.