Le Pen aide charged in parliament jobs probe

Posted February 25, 2017

'I want banks, talents, academics, researchers and so on.

Le Pen wants to prohibit the full-face veil from being worn in public places. "To the contrary, I want to promote a respect of cultures and peoples".

"Her father is a great man, a true patriot".

The protester was taken away by security and Le Pen resumed her speech.

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front addresses a rally in Pierrelatte.

Asked about the questioning, Le Pen dismissed the probe Wednesday as "political maneuvering" ahead of France's two-round April-May presidential election. On Monday, she arrived in Beirut, where she met the Prime Minister. She is also skeptical of multilateral institutions and trade agreements.

For now the immediate attention is fixed on the French presidential election, where the market has been anxious about the prospect of the populist candidate Marine Le Pen winning on the back of a protectionist platform similar to how Donald Trump was elected in the United States past year. On the other hand, candidate Marine Le Pen continues leading the first round, with 26 percent, while right-winger François Fillon remained third, with 20.5.

Yet much of her discourse was thin on specifics.

"When you're neither on the right nor on the left, in fact you're just on the right". Republican Francois Fillon would allow the deficit to increase to 3.7 percent this year and remain above 3 percent in 2018 as he cuts taxes, falling below the symbolic threshold in 2019.

Israeli military response to Sinai rocket attacks impossible: former intelligence official
The rockets hit the Eshkol region, which borders southern Gaza and the northeastern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Earlier in February, the Islamic State fired rockets at the southern Israeli town of Eliat.

"How many attacks on French soil could relations with Syrian services have avoided?"

"French policy will be decided in Paris", she said Thursday, addressing a packed audience in a conference hall near the Champs Elysees. France's 2014 cancelation of a sale of Mistral warships to Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine, she said, was a case in point. But, despite regularly claiming she is a "law and order" candidate, Ms Le Pen has showed absolute contempt for the police and examining magistrates.

The self-proclaimed Trump fan said she admired the U.S. president's "realism and desire for change", and she hoped he would "reverse" Barack Obama's interventionist policies.

If Le Pen were to pull off a surprise victory in the expected presidential run-off in May, fears of a breakup of the eurozone would resurface after four-and-a-half years of relative calm in Europe's debt markets. "We will build a better Europe, whether Mrs Merkel and Mr Schulz like it or not".

"That's the reason why Marine Le Pen will never be elected in France", he told a group of European journalists. Coupled with the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, the European Union is feeling the brunt of the nationalist surge. The latest polls show that the Front National is still climbing the numbers up, as is Geert Wilders' PVV.

Both candidates support remaining in the EU.

"It will be a very hard and cold relationship", Moreau Defarges of IFRI says of diplomatic ties between mainstream European leaders and Le Pen.

Like Trump, Le Pen has embraced nationalist, law-and-order policies and a crackdown on immigration. "But it will be a big European crisis - an quake - if she's elected".

Griset and Le Pen's bodyguard Thierry Legier were interviewed by anti-corruption police on Wednesday, but Legier has not been charged.