Windows 10 Starts Blocking Installation Of Win32 Apps

Posted March 01, 2017

The feature appears in a new preview build of Windows 10 that'll be rolling out to all users this spring - perhaps as soon as April.

Microsoft continues to bolster Windows 10's media-playing credentials with the news that it will be including the ability to play 360-degree videos through the Movies & TV app when the Creators Update launches later this year.

Although not especially useful for users who want access to popular Win32 apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Google chrome, the feature will help to secure the PCs of Windows 10 users who only require basic functionality. Users can easily turn it on if needed, which can be a good option for IT admins or parents of young children. It recently came to light that the locked down version of Windows 10 will still allow the installation of "regular" win32 apps but with one important catch.

Not allowing the installation of outdated app formats will allow Windows 10 users to stop their devices being eaten up by unnecessary programs and files. If you do try to install a Win32 app, Windows 10 will show a pop-up saying that the Windows Store helps to keep your PC "safe and reliable".

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In macOS the tool is enabled by default, meaning users have to manually override if they wish to add apps from outside the Mac App Store.

There's no news on an exact date, but the upgrade will be available as a free download for all current Windows 10 users. The feature is still under development and will be officially bundled with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, which is due to arrive in two months. Put in its most restrictive third position, this setting will block the installation of traditional Win32 applications; only those shipped through the Store using the Project Centennial technology will work.

News of the contents of this update are likely to drop during Microsoft's Build developer conference in May following the release of the Creators Update.