LG Electronics announces plans for new virtual reality headset

Posted March 02, 2017

The American game developer and Korean tech giant is busy gearing up for Game Developers Conference where the pair will introduce a prototype of the VR headset.

LG isn't being too specific about the project or its current prototype, but it said the headset is "designed to deliver a high fidelity, next generation VR experience", according to RoadToVr.com.

In a brief email from Valve they have announced that LG is developing a new VR headset.

What can we expect?

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During the show, LG will be meeting with developers to collect feedback and impressions as part of its effort to define the first commercial units.

There's no information yet on features, pricing, technology or even when we might get further glimpses of this LG headset, but new technology furthering the medium could be of real interest to those now developing in virtual reality.

LG has been tight-lipped on information, but the headset could be announced soon. Thus, the march towards making the ideal VR headset continues, but who will win this race? However, this is not the first time LG has trotted down the VR path. This approach is somewhat similar with HTC, which also partnered with Valve for the Vive VR headset. We do not have any relationship with manufacturers, and all product choices are made by our editors, themselves. The 360 VR headset was criticized for both its looks and the virtual reality experience it offered.