Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman shed tears together watching 'Logan'

Posted March 03, 2017

Australian actor Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in "Logan", playing the clawed mutant one last time after 17 years in the popular "X-Men" franchise.

On the eve of release, Logan screenwriter Scott Frank has shed new light on the film's pre-production process, including how one particular incarnation of James Mangold's R-rated thriller nearly made room for Wolverine's sibling and sworn enemy, Sabretooth.

Jackman in "X-Men" (2000) [Credit: 20th Century Fox] Khan He Do It? It may be shot through with long bouts of the grisliest carnage any Marvel film has ever seen - that R16 rating is well-earned - but Logan goes looking for, and finds, something truly elegiac.

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To celebrate the release of Logan at Cineworld Basildon, we've teamed up with Festival Leisure Park to give away exclusive movie merchandise! But I don't want it to be that much better than me. As part of its extensive coverage, the outlet also quizzed Jackman about the creative inspiration behind Logan, who pointed to Clint Eastwood's genre-defining Unforgiven. Or in the case of TV, I like to watch the previous season right before the new season drops so I can be totally up to speed and refreshed. However, director James Mangold might not quite be done with Logan. It's great.for a comic-book movie, we say. The character was last seen attempting to escape the complex he is held in.

For now, the black and white version of Logan is only in draft state and has no immediate release date. This is just a damned fine film, full of heart, intelligence, brimming with smart writing and great performances. You know what I love about him is that he thinks out of the box, he seems to absolutely love what he is doing. Embodying Logan is second nature to him and in this movie you can feel him emptying the tank and giving this last go-around his all.