Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir Mourns Death of Longtime Friend Bill Paxton

Posted March 03, 2017

Tributes have been pouring in for Bill Paxton who left behind his wife of 30 years, Louise and two children. He's one of the reasons I moved out of L.A. because I saw a really similar marriage, a really solid man who is building a life not completely centered around the business in spite of the fact that he grew up in the business. "I wore it every day on the set".

The special thing about Bill is, I have never heard anyone that knew him, from before his success or during it, that ever had anything but great things to say about him. The Invention of Lying actor recalled that the Terminator actor always showed up for every occasion no matter how little including his mother's funeral, his child's Bar Mitzvah and even his book launch party. And if the actor younger than you or not much older, you might find yourself thinking about your own mortality.

Perhaps the cast and crew of Training Day will air a pre-recorded message expressing the condolences and memories of Paxton as they knew him during their time shooting the first season of Training Day. It's very Bill. Bill is very old-school chivalrous, understood grace notes, the importance of a handwritten letter, the grand gesture.

"It was just a neat time to be from Hazard", said Quillen.

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Bill was not only one of my closest friends, but he was without a question my closest friend in the industry. There will be no replacement for me.

"Tonight we take a moment to remember those we lost over the past year", she announced to the auditorium.

"He will be forever in our a great actor. and the best darn meteorologist on the planet", one Facebook user commented, while posting a picture of the finished product.