Alphabet Inc Beefs Up Data Science Offerings With Kaggle Acquisition

Posted March 10, 2017

"Kaggle is going to maintain independent brand for a while. what Kaggle has contributed to the community is democratisation of data, developer community. partnership with Kaggle is going to be very positive for us", said Chief Scientist Google Cloud (artificial intelligence and machine learning) Fei Fei Li here. The tool uses machine learning to extract "entities" (nouns) from videos to make them searchable. Data analytics and machine learning also allow GCP to boost clients' revenue generation and productivity, and Google is also improving customer service.

The new video intelligence API will help businesses quickly shift through large repositories of videos files, and locate exactly that part of the clip, which is required. "Disruption is real... Our retailers, whether they like it or not, are under fire from other worldwide organizations, but data is their intellectual property and we are going to give them the ability to make the most of their data".

If Google, however, continues wooing companies with stellar, promising incentives such as a machine learning API for object recognition in videos, it might just be the next platform to start turning to. The two companies will collaborate on a new managed services offering for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers which will be made available later this year. In the same clip, Cloud Video Intelligence can detect 48 scene changes and in real time detect and label objects as the scenes change.

The demo came near the end of a long keynote about Google's attempt to convince everybody that it's a serious player in the cloud services game. They also can get training on machine learning development and how to use the Machine Learning Engine.

Fillon vows to stay in French race amid defections
In that second round, he is now projected to face Marine Le Pen , the far-right leader with an anti-immigration, anti-EU platform. Le Pen's chief of staff, Catherine Griset, was handed a preliminary charge of receiving money through a breach of trust.

Kaggle prides itself on possessing AI innovation apps and tools.

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, said Google has the money, means, resources and determination to bring its vision for the enterprise cloud to global scale.

Last year, Gartner predicted that cloud computing would have a $1 trillion dollar impact on information technology spending by 2020, a figure echoed by Google Cloud SVP Diane Green in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

It also ensures visibility by offering single pane of glass security management for public and private cloud, and an easy-to-use single click template ensures that deploying the security is quick and simple. Verizon, HSBC, eBay, Home Depot, Disney, Colgate-Palmolive, and SAP also spoke about their partnerships with Google - alternately in glittering generalities and arcane enterprise software acronyms.