Charlize Theron Takes No Prisoners in 'Atomic Blonde' Red Band Trailer

Posted March 13, 2017

The trailer for Charlize Theron's upcoming film Atomic Blonde has surfaced, and the 41-year-old actress went full NSFW for her new role. After an undercover agent is murdered, Broughton is sent to Berlin to team up with the city's station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to take down the threat by any means.

Based on the Oni Press graphic novel The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and illustrator Sam Hart this movie and its irresistible leaing lady are on-screen viagra for the often overly-predictable spy thriller genre. Atomic Blonde debuts at SXSW festival this weekend. But one of the reasons why John Wick broke out the way that it did is because of that name: John Wick. As you can see here, Atomic Blonde is a worthy successor to John Wick and the moves Keanu Reeves helped pull off in that now iconic movie.

Following her deliciously devious turn in The Fate of the Furious, Theron will get to play the hero in Atomic Blonde, the new film by John Wick director (and future Deadpool 2 helmer) David Leitch. We're sure Reeves had a hand in pointing out some helping hints in how to handle an incoming army of gun-totting bad guys. While she's done blockbuster action before - notably in Æon Flux and Mad Max: Fury Road - this could be her best showcase yet.

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Anyway, Lorde revealed that she's really proud of the song in a new interview with fellow New Zealander Zane Lowe . Lorde's camp has just announced that Melodrama is set for release on June 16, which is only three months from now.

Atomic Blonde is based on the One Press graphic novel The Coldest City, a title which the movie was moving under when production started previous year.

Directed by David Leitch and starring Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones, and John Goodman, Atomic Blonde blasts into theaters on July 28, 2017.