Scotland's Sturgeon to urges UK's May to think again on independence vote

Posted March 18, 2017

Despite her refusal to openly rule it out, Sturgeon's aides insisted afterwards she had no plans to stage a so-called indicative, unofficial referendum. That would be a democratic outrage.

"If her concern is timing then - within reason - I am happy to have that discussion", Sturgeon, who also heads the devolved Scottish government, will say according to a text of her speech.

'I am determined that I will have one on my timescale because the will of the Scottish Parliament will be respected, ' Ms Sturgeon told BBC Scotland on Thursday.

Ms Dugdale confirmed her party would vote against the SNP's demand for a fresh referendum when it is debated at the Scottish Parliament next week. She said that a refusal to allow a vote would mean that May's Tories were blocking the will of the Scottish people and afraid of their results.

The Prime Minister used her speech to the Conservative Spring Forum in Cardiff to suggest that Ms Sturgeon had been plotting since a year ago to use Brexit as a "pretext" for a new referendum. England, the UK's most populous nation, and Wales voted to leave while the Scots and the Northern Irish wanted to keep their European Union membership. The EU referendum has made sure of that.

"We know that together we are stronger when the nations of our United Kingdom work together rather than split apart". The SNP and Scottish Greens support giving the people the right to decide the country's future in light of the new found Tory ascendency at Westminster and the chaos of a Tory Hard Brexit and exit from the single market.

"So when the terms of Brexit are known - and not before - we will give the people the choice over the direction Scotland should take - before it is too late to change course". Mr Brown will call for the Scottish Parliament to be handed control of £800 million in current European spending and get power to set Value-Added Tax rates, sign global treaties, and control agriculture, fisheries, environmental regulation, employment and energy.

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Scottish Secretary David Mundell said: "The proposal brought forward is not fair, people will not be able to make an informed choice".

The bill was passed Monday by Parliament but needed royal assent to become a law.

Ronnie Cowan, the SNP MP for Inverclyde, came on talkRADIO to argue the case for a second independence referendum.

"The fact that more Scottish voters backed Scotland staying in the United Kingdom in 2014 than supported the United Kingdom staying in the European Union in 2016, and that nearly half a million independence supporters actually backed Brexit past year, seems to count for nothing".

Gordon Brown will call for Holyrood to be handed a raft of new powers after Brexit as part of a "third option" for Scotland's future.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's plans for a second independence referendum were rejected by May.