It's Earth Hour - Canadians turn out the lights

Posted March 26, 2017

Watch below: The world switches off for Earth Hour Saturday night.

"By recycling just one bottle, you'll save enough energy to operate a computer for 20 minutes and by recycling one bottle per day, for a whole year, you will save enough energy to run a computer for almost 18 hours", said Newman.

He said the Parliament of Pakistan is glad to be a part of the Earth Hour movement which will see its tenth year this year.

Earth hour is a dedicated worldwide movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Last year, Delhi saved 229MW of power and 200MW of power in the year 2015.

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Le Pen said Friday that if she were elected president, she would "ponder lifting sanctions" against Russian Federation . In an interview a year ago with CNN, Le Pen said she was left with no choice after French banks turned her down.

When is Earth Hour 2017?

Earth Hour is more than just making a statement by turning lights off for an hour to raise awareness about climate change - it's part of worldwide efforts to address the problem, according to the nonprofit.

PEOPLE are being urged to join United Kingdom landmarks and famous sites around the world as they switch off their lights for an hour on Saturday night to back action on climate change. Among the locations, where Earth Hour is going to have an effect are: the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower. From Australia, it moved westward through Asia, where Hong Kong's skyline went dark in solidarity while at Myanmar's most sacred pagoda, the Shwedagon, 10,000 oil lamps were lit to shine a light on climate action. "That's why it's great that MPs are giving their support to this year's campaign and we hope they will inspire many others in their constituencies and communities to sign up and get involved on 25 March". Today, ten years later, electric lights will turn off in 7000 cities in an approximate 172 countries! "None of this would have been possible without the force that binds us all together - our collective determination to protect the one planet we all share". Marriott International wants its properties to share images of Earth Hour activities on social media.

So after the lights go back on think about what else you can do to make a difference.