Facebook fires another salvo at Snapchat with Stories

Posted March 30, 2017

Like on Snapchat and Facebook's other apps, Stories posted to the main Facebook app will disappear after 24 hours.

In addition to the camera, Facebook is also adding two features that sound like they came straight from Snapchat's playbook. In an Instagram/Snapchat/Google Hangouts-effects-like experience, the new Facebook camera features effects such as masks, frames and interactive filters that can be applied directly to the multimedia. Don't worry, these photos and videos won't appear on your Timeline or in the News Feed unless you post them there.

If a friend sends you a direct photo or video, you can view and reply in the direct section of the app.

Lastly, the social media giant has introduced a Direct feature as for sharing individual photos and videos with specific friends for a limited time. Once the conversation on a particular piece of content ends, it will disappear into the great abyss of the internet, hopefully to never to be seen again.

The updated camera is rolling around first to iOS users, so move over to the App Store and update the app to see if it's spread out to you yet. Yes as you might have guessed by now this Stories feature work just like they do on Instagram and WhatsApp. The company plans to regularly refresh the creative effects in the camera to give you fun new effects to explore.

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Facebook is introducing Direct as well, a new inbox for direct messages. Simply tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the Facebook app. Click, and you can take photos and picture, add effects and drawings and share the result.

Finally, Facebook is adding camera effects to its main app.

Upcoming features Facebook is hoping to include will be for users to create their own frames and filters to apply to videos, which is an exciting concept!

If you are having a second thought about the post you just made, you can delete your picture or video story by opening it and exploring the options.