Shirtless Violinist responds to Disney haters with 'Beast' of his own

Posted March 30, 2017

Made with a budget of $160 million, "Beauty and the Beast" is directed by Bill Condon and stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the lead.

Emma Watson's performance as Belle was refreshing and empowering, a huge departure from the original portrayal of Belle. "I was also excited because they had used Broadway voices and the movie was a real homage to musical theatre up there on the big screen with animation the likes we had not seen before". It's frustrating, but having seen the film, I get it. You know the one; it's where Belle first wanders through the village, perfectly describing the scene in front of her. These new songs mostly do not convey any new information and stop the show dead in its tracks. In fact, they even bonded over Shakespeare as he mocked Belle's love for reading romances like Romeo and Juliet. And, of course, the "big news" of Disney's first ever openly gay character spilled long before the film was released.

The story went viral, becoming the major talking point of the film until Condon and Gad exhausted of the subject, insisting it had been "blown out of proportion".

So those are some of the improvements that were made that I thought made this film very enjoyable to watch. A film about the history of the Beast, a Spin Off on Light ... Whether it's Watson's spot-on portrayal of Belle, McGregor and McKellan's hilarious banter, or Stevens' aloofness, there is something to love in nearly every character this remake has to offer. Without giving too much away, viewers can epect to see LeFou get a satisfying scene that will leave your heart tingling with joy. I predict the film will finish around the $120-$130 million domestic range. Of all the things I have wondered about this story over the years, I have never once cared what happened to Belle's mother. Watson's Belle reminded me that we are all capable of being handsome and smart, fierce and kind, and most importantly, fearful and brave. She has the ideal balance of a sweet and innocent young lady, but also has the maturity level to play someone of Belle's intelligence and demeanor and really, I think that's what made this film so great. I had always loved the "bad boy" kinds of characters, even if I despised men like him in reality.

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Belle and her father live in a small town in France where Belle feels out of place because of her bookish ways.

This flick sets itself up as being the first in a series, but after opening up with just over $4 million in box office sales, it may have its legs chopped off - just like the guy on the elevator in this movie.

"Beauty and the Beast" has taken in $300 million more than "Kong" on a worldwide basis. I think many can love and appreciate the original, and the remake as I know I sure do.

After the releases of "Maleficent", "The Jungle Book" and "Cinderella" in 2015, millions became enraptured with the live-action remakes Disney has been producing of its beloved classics. Without accounting for inflation, it will eventually surpass nearly all of those films save for The Avengers ($623 million) and possibly The Dark Knight ($534m in 2008 and in 2D).