Google turns its maps into "Ms. Pac-Man"

Posted April 01, 2017

Google did a similar gag two years ago, converting its maps into a version of the original Pac-Man.

The teeth-grindingly addictive video game is slowing rolling out across the world as April Fools' day hits. The game turns your exact location into a game of Ms. Pac-Man down to the direction of the streets, which is a pretty awesome detail.

Some users have reported that clicking the icon takes you to a random location to play the game. You'll need to navigate Ms. Pac-Man through these streets while you avoid the ghosts, with the ultimate goal of clearing the map by eating all of the pellets.

Check out the game, but don't blame us if you procrastinate at work.

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April Fools Day is practically a national holiday in Mountain View, so you can expect a series of pranks and jokes over the weekend.

Of course, in this version of the game, it's impossible to sort easily preict and memorize where to go and when ― because there's a virtually endless number of different maps to play on. Unlike both of its Maps celebrations, the Doodle allowed simultaneous multiplayer, with Player One controlling Pac with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and Player Two controlling Ms. Pac with WASD. Why not do the same thing for Pac-Man?

Ready to play? Open up the Google Maps app or download it here. Originally featuring the title character "Crazy Otto", the board was bought and reproduced by Midway Games, the US distributor of the original "Pac-Man", with Otto giving way to a feminized Pac sprite and pastel color schemes.