One reason Selena Gomez was 'nervous' about '13 Reasons Why'

Posted April 02, 2017

"As Selena sings the moody cover, the clip shows two young lovebirds, who seem to be the main characters on the Netflix original series, Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) and Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette)".

The "I Ain't Me" singer told fans that her song choice was inspired by the Hannah and Clay's relationship in the show.

The story begins as we're introduced to young Clay, sweet and low-key, who had a crush on Hannah in her life and can't comprehend that he may have played a role in her eventual death.

Devin Druid portrays Tyler in the show, and said the star was "just the best" on set, putting so much work into making 13 Reasons Why the best it could be.

"All in all, 13 Reasons Why is an excellent blend of teen drama and mystery that may, in later episodes, be dragged down by its grim tone..."

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In case you didn't already assume this, the 13 tapes Hannah recorded coincide with each of the season's 13 episodes - and boy is Tape No. 1 a freakin' doozy. Hints of other teen series such as "Gossip Girl" and "My So-Called Life" are all over the place, but "13 Reasons Why" ultimately has its own style and identity. Selena made the trip back to L.A. after spending time with The Weeknd, who she has been dating, on his world tour.

Asher's book is structured as nearly a back-and-forth conversation between Hannah's taped narration and Clay's increasingly stressed perspective, all told in one miserable night. And the other classmates on Hannah's tapes are tense as Clay listens, because they believe that he is more likely to report their damaging secrets than anyone else. As Dylan Minnette points out, 13 Reasons Why will plunge us into the lives of the various people who may have contributed to Hannah's suicide by showing us their complexity and allowing us to really attach ourselves to them. Each time Clay pops one of Hannah's cassettes into his preciously retro Walkman, the answer becomes more clear: These poor kids are talked to death.

But Hannah is a constant presence as the story unfolds, largely in flashback, and Langford sustains a poignantly believable performance in which Hannah is in different facets aloof, knowing, innocently joyful, snarky, seductive and utterly bereft. The conversation-advancing special includes necessary outreach information, expert analysis, behind-the-scenes footage and features executive producers Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey.

Early on in the series, she gets labeled as a "slut" through a photo posted on social media and more old-fashioned forms of humiliation: gossip and writing on the bathroom walls. In Hannah's browser history, they find sites such as a Facebook help page that explains how to block someone on the network.