Britney Spears Looks Great Flaunting Fitness Routines On Instagram

Posted April 06, 2017

Ther has been no official world from Britney Spears on the matter. The primaries will now take place July 4.

Haaretz reported that the Israeli Labor Party will postpone the July 3 election of a new party chair one day to make way for the pop goddess's worldwide tour.

Israeli journalist Tal Schneider broke the story about the Israeli Labor Party's decision, which was made in order to "make it easier" for party members to reach the polling stations.

Apparently, Israeli democracy just can not compete with Britney's first non-U.S. tour since 2011, or her first ever concert in Israel. While the two events were initially slated for the same day, it turns out that Spears' concert will use the bulk of security guards, which will leave the Labor party event with slim staff pickings and potential traffic issues.

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The concert will be the Grammy winner's first performance in Israel, part of a tour to promote her latest album, Glory. They fear that it will be too hard to provide security for two important events at once.

What would you postpone to watch Britney in concert?

The concert is part of Spears' summer Asian tour promoting her album "Glory", which was released a year ago.