Giraffe born at Toledo zoo won't go on exhibit for a while

Posted April 10, 2017

Animal Adventure Park says April the giraffe is showing "major movement and bulging of the belly" Sunday as thousands of people across the country continue to wait for her to deliver her calf.

The park at the center of the giraffe live birth viral sensation says that they still expect a delivery 'very soon'.

How big will April's newborn be?

She said focusing on the birth itself could detract from the bigger issue of conservation, with giraffe populations in the world declining by almost 40 percent over the last three decades and all nine subspecies listed as vulnerable. She is still showing us all the signs that she is nearly ready.

Baby-giraffe anticipation has reached a fever pitch.

It's still not known exactly when April will give birth. The calf will need to stand in order to nurse.

Giraffes can be in labor anywhere from hours to a full day.

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What will the baby eat? They also reported her appetite was down but she was still eating carrots and lettuce.

"The world may be waiting for April the giraffe to have her calf over in America, but our giraffe Orla has beaten her to it!" the British zookeepers crowed on Facebook. The baby will fall from a height, but no worries!

But - there WAS a giraffe born this week and it was on camera!

The YouTube live stream has no time codes to show whether viewers are watching the pregnant giraffe in real-time, giving rise to the conspiracy theory that the video may have been played on loop, deceiving viewers. Yes, she will have this calf when she is good and ready. However when in human care that can extend to 20-27 years old. This is April's fourth calf.

Since the privately owned zoo's giraffe cam began live-streaming video from April's enclosure last month, the feed has totaled more than 15 million views on YouTube as people around the world check on the status of April's 15-month pregnancy.

Instinctively, giraffes hide their labor so as not to draw attention from predators. The eagerly-awaited calf will be April's 4th and Olly's first baby. Once sign labor is close is when a giraffe's water breaks, which can be a trickle of liquid or a heavier flow of mucus.