Chief Keef Arrested For Felony DUI in Miami

Posted April 13, 2017

Keef was taken into custody on Saturday night in Miami Beach after police found "sizzurp" in his green McLaren. Keef, whose legal name is Keith Cozart, was booked for felony DUI.

As for Chief. cops say he had bloodshot eyes and dry mouth before a drug expert showed up on the scene.

Officials saw Keef's McLaren on the road after one of his passengers exited the vehicle.

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Police conducted a search and found marijuana in the Altima as well as "a cup filled with a syrupy liquid known as Sizzurp, which is also known as Lean or Purple Drank" in the rapper's possession.

Cops also found marijuana and other substances in a auto trailing his McLaren charged four other people with misdemeanour possession of marijuana, according to TMZ. Police also handcuffed McElrath outside the vehicle and pulled over the Altima, the report added. Devante Reaves, who was a passenger in the Altima, was also charged with marijuana possession and had an outstanding warrant. Keef allegedly told the police, "It's okay". The four other people in his vehicle and the tailing auto received a mix of charges, including possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, and, in the case of two of the four other men, having between them a total of thirteen fradulent credit cards.

The officer added that Cozart spontaneously stated, "You'll find weed in me". The rapper faces robbery charges after he was accused of being involved in an Los Angeles home invasion that targeted his former producer, Ramsay Tha Great.