Nikki Haley: We Don't See Peace in Syria With Assad

Posted April 14, 2017

The Russian government has denied that Syria carried out a chemical attack, saying that civilians on the ground were poisoned after Syrian planes struck a depot producing chemical weapons for rebels.

It is not clear who launched the fresh strikes on Syria's Khan Sheikhoun on Friday and Saturday, although the only aircraft that have been bombing the rebel-held region are of Russian and Syrian regime.

Graham said while he believes troops will be needed to ultimately solve the Syrian problem and that sanctions should be pursued against Russian Federation, he said Trump's course of action has been encouraging.

At least 80 people were killed in the attack, according to reports.

"A political solution is going to have to happen but we know that there is not any sort of option where a political solution is going to happen with Assad at the head of the regime", she said.

Turkey remains committed to a ceasefire in Syria, but Russian Federation must stop insisting that Bashar al-Assad should remain in office, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday. Activist Alaa Al-Youssef said that the strike which killed a woman hit a residential neighbourhood.

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The United States fired about 60 Tomahawk missiles Thursday night into the government-controlled Shayrat air base in Syria under President Donald Trump's orders.

"It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons", Trump said in announcing the attack. "You pick and choose your battles and when we're looking at this, it's about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out", Haley told reporters on 30 March.

The South Carolina Republican and military hawk is calling for as many as 6,000 more US troops to help defeat the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East.

Foreign ministers from the G7 nations will meet in Italy on Monday and Tuesday for talks likely to be dominated by Russia's ties to the Syrian regime.

While former USA president Obama chose not to intervene militarily following Assad's use of chemical weapons in 2013, his administration sought the elimination of all chemical weapons in the country. The responsible approach to take would be for Putin to use his leverage over Assad to remind the Syrian president that he has violated his agreement to destroy all chemical weapons.