BC NDP pledges $400 annual renters rebate

Posted April 17, 2017

The two-per-cent tax on a property's assessed value would give the government $200 million a year in additional revenue, the party said.

Describing MSP as regressive and an unfair burden on low and fixed-income British Columbians, Weaver says they should be rolled into payroll tax and personal income tax to make them fairer. "This approach has the option of being nice to immigrants but also making sure we can draw people to Vancouver to live and work here, because it's not too expensive". Promises $30M a yr for K-12 classroom supplies.

The NDP would begin increasing carbon tax on fuels starting in 2019, two years before Premier Christy Clark has said she would resume increases to keep pace with the federal government mandate for nation-wide carbon pricing. I'm committed to that, I'm committed to living within our means. "That funding, overnight, appears to have been significantly reduced or completely eliminated and, unless the provincial parties are prepared to pay the entire cost of that bridge, I don't see how we're going to be able to move forward with that project".

A large part of cutting that waste, according to Horgan, is getting rid of what he calls Christy Clark's "LNG Fantasy Fund".

"My first thought was who is going to be paying for all this?" she said.

- New Democrat Leader John Horgan says his party platform will create 96,000 jobs and build 114,000 homes.

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Taking questions at Government House, Clark said her party's platform is the only one that is costed and won't require tax increases.

But that $7-billion will be debt; so how will it impact the books?

The New Democrat's announcement came just after the Liberals said they would cap bridge tolls to $500 per year for drivers in a bid to attract drivers in the Surrey and Delta ridings.

Meanwhile, the Liberals' Mike De Jong is accusing the NDP of planning "pledging a massive increase in spending".

- The platform also promises to roll back an increase in auto insurance rates and a freeze or reduce fares on BC Ferries, while reversing a Liberal tax cut for high-income earners and hiking the corporate tax rate.

He says it would cost $4-billion per year if brought in, and again raising the spectre of B.C. losing its AAA credit rating.