Uber may be forced to add one of Lyft's best features

Posted April 18, 2017

Uber drivers in NY may soon be able to earn tips thanks to a new proposal. The same could go with tipping. The petition has more than 11,000 signatures, and the online description attached to it says, "New York's working drivers are losing thousands of dollars we need for vehicle upkeep and supporting our families in one of the most expensive cities in America". The HC was hearing petitions by radio taxi operators against Ola and Uber being allowed to operate without valid licences. "We thank Chairman Joshi and the commission for holding Uber to the same standard as the rest of the industry on tipping and look forward to working together on further reforms to protect our city's working drivers". In three major United States markets - Denver, Detroit, and Houston - Uber drivers earned less than $13.25 an hour after expenses in late 2015, BuzzFeed News reported previous year. "Nothing has changed", Josh Mohrer, Uber's New York City general manager, wrote in an email to users past year.

Uber, meanwhile, came out with a statement on the strike. "Drivers often feel voiceless when they drive for an app".

In the second such action this year, Ola and Uber drivers have planned a one-day strike on Tuesday to protest "low pay". Some of those services are reserved over the phone or by company voucher.

Those who are exclusively accepting payments in cash, would be able to continue accepting tips through the same channel as well and won't be required to offer a card-based tipping method. But the study predated the gig economy by several years. A spokesman for rival car-ride service Lyft added, "We've always known that offering in-app tipping is the right thing to do, which is why we've offered it since our earliest days". Lyft started offering in-app tipping in 2012, and the company says its drivers have pulled in $200 million in tips since.

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While the proposal won't be aimed specifically at Uber, it would certainly be the company most directly affected if it were to go through.

That's according to a letter that was sent from deputy commissioner Christoper Wilson to the Independent Drivers Guild on Monday and viewed by CNNTech.

Uber officials said they will review the proposed rule when they see it. Drivers have always been denied access to the kinds of benefits and labor protections many workers take for granted, such as paid sick leave or the minimum wage. The ride-hail giant claimed drivers in NY made more than $90,000 a year, but the agency found the median income of drivers there is $29,000 less than that. With numbers like that, it is understandable that drivers would want the opportunity to snag a little more money per ride.