Apple to begin replacing 4th generation iPad with iPad Air 2

Posted April 20, 2017

Translation: Stock for the iPad 4, which came out in 2012, is running out, and the parts needed to fix broken iPad 4s are low as well. Only those will benefit from this replacement who would normally qualify for an iPad 4 whole unit replacement. If the iPad is not functioning the way it should have been, then taking it to the Apple authorized fix center for a servicing might end up in coming home with an Apple iPad Air 2 instead of the Apple iPad 4. Also, the newer Air 2 model is only offered just in case the store has run out of stocks of the older iPad 4. It's readily allowing shipments of iPad Air 2 in place of fourth-generation iPads because stocks of the latter are becoming increasingly thin, if not totally unavailable, having been discontinued in 2014.

If you had an iPad 4 with either 16GB or 64GB capacity that needs to be replaced, you could also be in-store for a storage bump since the iPad Air 2 that Apple is offering as replacement units only ship in either 32GB and 128GB capacities.

The memo further asks staff to provide customers information about the color and capacity of their replacement iPad Air 2. The brand new iPad Pro 2 is also likely to feature a Touch bar and a bezel-free design.

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If your device is broken and you've sent it over to Apple for replacement, you are in for luck as the newer device has so many goodies compared to the aged variant.

However, users who do qualify for the newer iPad Air 2 are in a for a rather sweet deal. Unlike the brand new affordable tablet which the Cupertino company unveiled last month, iPad Pro 2 will be a high-end, premium, power-packed device. So if your store has another iPad 4, well, that's what you're going to get. The treatment for the said device drags another iPad tier, iPad Air 2.

For at least 20 years, Apple has been upgrading the customers' orders or service replacement, if the customers had to wait too long due to a lack of stock, and they didn't get their long-awaited device.