Instagram will soon work offline on your Android phone

Posted April 20, 2017

At Facebook's F8 developer's conference, Instagram, the incredibly popular photo sharing and messaging service owned by Facebook, announced offline support for Android devices.

The Instagram app for Android will now have offline support, TechCrunch reported Tuesday. Users will also be able to pull up their own profile while offline and browse through their own content, enabling anyone to show off their photos to others (in person) even if Internet is unavailable. It may be because you're in a rush, or because the idyllic scenery you're shooting is so remote there isn't a data connection. Everything you create or respond to while offline will then be synced with Instagram's servers automatically, as soon as you connect to the Internet again. Or you know, maybe you'll go camping one day and need to get in some fresh, fresh likes. For people in low-bandwidth regions, we've begun testing offline experiences that keep the Instagram experience consistent and let people consume and engage with content, even if they don't have service. 80 percent of the community is outside of the U.S., and as our platform grows, Instagram must perform across an increasing variety of devices and networks to keep people connected.

Offline mode is already available on Android devices, but it's unclear if it will make its way to iOS devices.

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Moreover, the "Explore" tab in the app will also be functional offline.

While Twitter, Facebook serves it's own objective, Instagram works on its own to a specific set of audience.