Microsoft's Wunderlist successor, To-Do, hits public preview

Posted April 22, 2017

You can create lists for whatever you need - groceries, work stuff, and home projects, for instance - and personalize them with colorful themes.

Having spent just a few minutes with it, I can't say I like To-Do more than other apps I've tried, including the significantly more powerful Wunderlist and Todoist, or even Google's pared-down Keep. The tasks that you've assigned due dates to won't automatically be added to My Day when they're nearly due, but they will show up at the top of your Intelligent Suggestions alongside other tasks that To-Do believes you may want to complete today. He noted that Microsoft To-Do doesn't now appear to integrate with Office 365 services, including password access. "It's an interesting, clever twist on the classic 'Today" list in other task management apps, allowing you to plan your work with intention and objective each day.

Right now, Microsoft To-Do's main plus point is you can use it anywhere, with apps available for Windows 10, iOS, Android and the web. To-Do is set to eventually replace Wunderlist once Microsoft feels that the new app has "incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do". According to The Verge, To-Do app bears a striking similarity to Wunderlist.

While this is a great system, and I will be using it for my Microsoft account going forward it, does have some drawbacks and does not eliminate the need to use strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts.

To-Do offers all the security you would expect from cloud-based Office 365, including encryption.

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The feature is available for both Android and iOS Microsoft Authenticator apps, so download it and try out signing in with your phone.

Ever since Microsoft's acquisition of Wunderlist back in 2015, the fate of the to-do app has been hanging in the balance.

The preview is being groomed as the successor to Microsoft's Wunderlist task management application. Microsoft is releasing the app as a "Preview", essentially a public beta of the app.

More importantly - to Microsoft, at least - is that To-Do has been built to integrate with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft says it wants to hear from users about how they find the new signin methods. Once enabled, trying to log into your Microsoft account with prompt a notification on your phone. This is a feature which (in tandem with To-Do overall) looks to help the user better manage their daily to-dos.