Nebraska preliminary March jobless rate drops to 3.1 percent

Posted April 22, 2017

Indiana's Labor Force increased by 6,093 over the previous month with a 12,322 increase in employment and a 6,229 decrease in unemployment.

The state outpaced the nation in employment growth, expanding at a rate of 2.1% year-over-year, compared with 1.5% nationwide.

The biggest employment gains were in the leisure/hospitality, financial activities, education and health services industries.

Morgan County's jobless rate was 4.9 percent in March, down from 5.7 percent in February and 5.6 percent in March 2016.

Minnesota's unemployment rate improved to a seasonally adjusted 3.8 percent in March.

The Lawrence area unemployment rate stood at 3 percent in March, down from 3.3 percent in February and 3.4 percent a year ago.

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Early estimates indicate that MA employers added just 200 jobs in March, compared to 10,100 jobs in February and 13,000 jobs in January.

In all, the nationwide economy added 98,000 jobs in March. The national growth rate was 1.7 percent.

The labor force rate for white women over 20 years-old rose from 57.6 percent to 57.8 percent in March.

According to the March job report, private sector employment in the state increased by 11,400 and government employment decreased by 700 jobs.

Statewide, 677,700 were employed and 19,100 unemployed in March for a total seasonally adjusted labor force of 696,800. March's monthly payroll gain kept over-the-year job growth well below the national average.

Since its recent peak of 7.3 percent in 2009 during the recession, the jobless rate has been steadily falling. Over the year, Leisure and Hospitality added 2,400 (+0.7%) jobs. Six of the eleven super-sectors declined from February, with the largest drop in leisure & hospitality (minus-8,200).