Rifle to celebrate Arbor Day

Posted April 22, 2017

Arbor Day commemorates Laurel's 11th year as an official Tree City, USA, so this year the city is really making a day out of it. Detroit residents can take one tree (just one!). The fourth-graders will get lessons on bees, tree care, recycling, birds, weather, insects and more.

According to the release, more than 250 million Arbor Day Foundation trees have been planted throughout the world in the past 44 years as part of various Arbor Day festivities and as a way to address issues such as air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation and more.

The tree giveaway is one way the City of Buffalo is celebrating Earth Month.

After the city is recognized for its efforts as a Tree City, USA, several of the students will assist with the planting of two Skyline Locust trees, a cotton-less Cottonwood and an Autumn Blaze Maple. The township has achieved this recognition for 41 consecutive years by meeting the program's four requirements: a tree board or department, a tree-care ordinance, an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita, and an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

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"Nashua is committed to maintaining and promoting urban trees", said Scott Rolfe, community forester with the New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands.

The Lawrence Township Shade Tree Advisory Committee will conduct an Arbor Day ceremony on Friday, April 28 at noon at the front entrance of the Lawrence Municipal Building, 2207 Lawrenceville Road.

"We would like to invite everyone out to enjoy this Arbor Day event". "On April 28, communities across the country will come together to plant, nurture and celebrate trees".