Nintendo Switch Sells Big-Time In March

Posted April 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch has sold around 906,000 units and Breath of the Wild has sold around 925,000 copies; can you notice something? To put this into perspective, the the Xbox One sold 2 million units in 18 days whereas Sony sold 2.1 million units within 14 days. While that might sound like good news especially for the Nintendo Switch players, some fans are left feeling confuse as to why the developer choose to do that. Originally released on the PC, Minecraft is now also available on other gaming consoles. Nintendo wouldn't say when it would keep pace with demand and only said that it will "continually" ship units to customers.

It also didn't hurt that "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" - an incredible game that received near-universal praise from critics and consumers alike - launched alongside the Switch. This makes the Nintendo Switch the company's fastest-selling video game system of all time. Nintendo at least admits that they are having supply problems, partly because they didn't expect the Switch to sell this fast. Nintendo revealed in a statement to GamesBeat that the Switch sold more units over in a two-day launch window than any of its previous devices including the megahit Wii.

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But these are impressive numbers thus far, and it shows powerful momentum for Nintendo's console, far more than what it accomplished with the Wii U years ago. The game also saw over 460,000 sales on the Wii U. It fought off the launch numbers for the PlayStation 2, the original Xbox, and even the Xbox One by a relatively thin margin. Nintendo instead chose to launch in a relatively quiet time of the year for the video game industry (the first quarter), and reaped the benefits as a result. No real details were provided on whether or not the Switch version will differ in any way or provide local multiplayer support with multiple Switch units - but you'd hope that was on the cards. That means the game saw an attach rate of more than 100% for Nintendo Switch, which may be attributed to those who purchased both the standard and limited edition versions.