OH NO! 'Baahubali' war scenes left injury marks on Prabhas!

Posted April 26, 2017

Yes, it's official. Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion would see the biggest release ever in the history of Indian cinema. Reports suggest that the film will be released in over 6000 screens across India and will approximately get over 1000 screens in U.S. and 1400 screens in the rest of the world. The newest poster of the movie features Rani Devasena, who married Amrendra Baahubali.

To put things into perspective, the biggest Hindi films release in 4,500-5,000 screens at best (dubbed versions included).

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More than anything else, Kattappa killing Baahubali in the 2015 blockbuster Baahubali: The Beginning, has been the most asked question. With nearly one lakh people working on the film over the past five years, the team boasts names from various regions, who worked in tandem to ensure a film of this magnitude hits screens. Its teaser will be released in theatres along with Baahubali 2 on April 28. Eega made $2 million at the USA box office based just upon the local release which had no outside advertising and catered entirely to ex-pat Indian audiences. The images of Baahubali (Prabhas) facing off with Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati) are very exciting, and the hashtag #WKKB was one that went viral in the immediate aftermath of the first part's release. Even if the film hits 6500 screens, it definitely will collect more than Rs.60 crores easily on the first day itself. Also, as April 28 is not a holiday, one can not expect cent per cent collections all over, but they will be huge. Now that's huge, no other Indian film has been released on such a grand scale before.

Now this would pretty much turn out to be a Baahubal-ian start for the most anticipated film of 2017 so far. Baahubali: The Conclusion has created quite the buzz and it is expected to take Box Office by storm.