Uber Announces Flying Taxis In Texas And Dubai By 2020

Posted April 27, 2017

Uber will launch flying taxis in Texas and Dubai by 2020, the company's chief product officer Jeff Holden has announced at the Uber Elevate Summit.

The ride-hailing company announced Aurora Flight Sciences as its new partner in developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for the Uber Elevate Network. They are expected to have zero emission and will be quiet enough to operate in cities. Further, he promised, that the flight would cost $1.32 per passenger per mile - about the same as Uber's standard vehicle service. Anyone else finding this all a bit suspish?

Uber believes that in the long term, using VTOL aircraft taxis be more affordable than running a vehicle.

Well, if anyone can do it, it's probably Travis Kalanick.

This is not the first time flying cars have been predicted to make an appearance in Dubai. Holden demonstrated a possible in-app option for customers to select "UberAir" much like they choose between UberPool and UberXL.

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In the middle east, Uber has partnered with the government in Dubai and expects to offer passenger flights at the World Expo 2020 taking place in the city.

It is already investing heavily in self-driving cars, and is facing an intellectual property lawsuit over that technology. And Chargepoint, the largest operator of electric-vehicle charging stations, will figure out how to top off the batteries.

The initiative dubbed the Uber Elevate Network envisions scenarios where computers would be able to fly vehicles from San Francisco to San Jose in about 15 minutes at the same pricing that Uber X rides are priced for the same duration.

Uber also announced it has partnered with various companies - ranging from aircraft manufacturers to a company that makes electric vehicle chargers - to make Elevate a reality. These companies primarily specialize in building small electric aircrafts and will work with Uber to build ones specifically for densely populated areas. The vehicle will then start automatically, take off and cruise to the set destination before descending and landing in a specific spot. US electric vehicle charging station maker ChargePoint will work on an exclusive charger for Uber's network, while Bell Helicopter, Aurora, Pipistrel, Mooney, and Embraer will develop the flying taxis.