Nintendo Switch Might Outsell Wii U In Just Its First Year

Posted April 28, 2017

Who knows? Companies ultimately follow the money, and if Stardock was convinced that the Switch has enough of an audience for its games, I am sure it would look into porting its games to the platform. As is the case in many console launches, Nintendo was supply constrained at the Switch's launch. The Wii U just was able to move somewhat more in its entire phase of sales since its launch, being able to sell only 760,000 units between April last year and current year's March. There's only one way for Nintendo to keep a healthy pace of sales: software. The Switch generated the most sales in the Americas with 1.2 million units. Earlier this year, for example, Nintendo aired a prime-time television commercial during the Super Bowl. These numbers don't even count the game's respectable sales on Wii U, which brings its overall sales total to a mind-blowing 3.84 million so far.

Sales of 3DS games like Pokémon Sun and Moon (15.44 million units) as well as Super Mario Maker (2.34 million units) also helped, boosting global 3DS hardware sales for the period to 7.27 million units, a 7% increase over the prior year.

The higher tie ratio Ono mentions refers to the number of games sold per console. This title elicited a fantastic response from consumers worldwide. But what if some of those games that might be better suited to bolster your new platform are being put on your aging "other" platform that, while very successful and already in a lot of homes, is well past its prime? And the firm has a chance to overcome Xbox One for this console generation as well: Microsoft's console has struggled compared to the PlayStation 4, and has sold an estimated 20-25 million units since late 2013. In addition, there were relatively fewer offerings of downloadable content during this period, so digital sales were also down to a large extent on the same period a year ago.

Nintendo estimates profit to grow to JPY 65 billion ($583.85 million or roughly Rs. 3,746 crores) from JPY 29.4 billion a year prior.

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For fiscal 2017, the Japanese company expects an operating profit of around 60 billion yen from 750 billion yen in revenue. Either way, it points to a promising start for the Switch, with Nintendo stating that Zelda has "won enormous popularity".

"We will release Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia overseas in May (April in Japan) and plan to release Ever Oasis and Hey!" Currently, many investors are wondering whether Nintendo Switch will outpace the sales for the Wii on a long term. The company also reported that software sales had reached 5.46 million copies worldwide.

They [don't] need to come out tomorrow (or even at E3) and say the "The 3DS is dead!" Third-party developers have also announced major titles for Nintendo 3DS.