Colbert welcomes fellow 'Daily Show' alums to 'Late Show'

Posted May 12, 2017

It was a rare TV reunion Tuesday as Stephen Colbert played host to a gang of fellow "Daily Show" alums on a special edition of CBS" "The Late Show.' We got a farcical flashback to Colbert's last day at Stewart's Daily Show-starring Bee in an fantastic curly wig as she worries about losing then-president George W. Bush, saying "there will never be another president this good for comedy".

Why? Well first of all, the entire hullabaloo turned out to be largely drummed up by right-wing provocateurs.

Colbert then directed their attention to his female producer. Sure, but now we're talking about a line comedians aren't allowed to cross, and we promise that scenario doesn't end well when drawn out.

Turns out the timing was great - because who better than leftist comedic Yoda Jon Stewart to explain away the Colbert audience's cheering of anything Trump has done, but most especially this. "I said, 'Now Mr. Stewart, let me ask you a question: the fact that you've been announced as the host of The Daily Show".

Colbert hit back, "I learned it from you, Dad". That was the feeling I got while watching these clips. You were the ones out in the field, I'm in a studio surrounded by craft services.

Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for two years for blasphemy
However, Ahok has denied the allegation claiming the video of his speech was doctored, and said he will appeal the sentence . A man angrily addressing the crowd through a megaphone said, "Brothers and sisters, justice has died in this country".

"I am not comfortable being here", Stewart said right of the bat. "And you need them to give you some content so you have to be really nice to them all day". "Like, it's the difference between insult and injury". "The place was being run by a guy who was doing the same thing", Roger Ailes, Stewart pointed out.

The Mark Harmon drama topped all programs in prime time with 13.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings released Wednesday afternoon. And we went out to a cross burning in the countryside - as you do.

Perhaps to see what Colbert might say about the fallout from the joke, ratings for "The Late Show" went up again last week. This guy does something ridiculous like at least ONCE every MONTH!'

Meanwhile, when Bee, Oliver, Helms and Corddry joined them on stage, it was essentially just a casual conversation between old friends. "It looks fake. It looks like a morning show right now".

His Midnight Confessions book, coming September 5 from Simon & Schuster, will feature some of Colbert's funniest pleas for forgiveness from the show, as well as fan-submitted confessions. "I miss the process of making the show".