Nintendo reveals plans for E3 2017, including Super Mario Odyssey

Posted May 12, 2017

Nvidia and its stock have been on a substantial upswing in recent years, and according to analysts' latest predictions, Nintendo Switch only encourages that momentum. They will kick everything off with a video presentation that you will be able to view at showcasing Odyssey and other Nintendo Switch games, particularly focusing on games launching this year.

However an issue with the Switch, as with every single new release, is the absence of games accessible from the very first moment, with perhaps Breath of the Wild being the sole exception along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This morning on Twitter, they revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will be covered.

As we draw closer to this year's biggest video game event, the E3 2017 (June 13th - 15th), we're still wondering what Nintendo has planned. While American owners can avail the new standalone dock for Nintendo Switch on May 19 which costs $90, the company had already announced that this summer, the dock will be available in the United Kingdom on June 23. Nintendo sent out a press release today detailing its E3 plans, and it's going to have so much going on this year.

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The company said it will provide fans a look at all upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2017. Here are three things that Nintendo needs to do to make its E3 show more exciting. On June 14, 2017, the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational will be held. Nintendo said it will share more information about the tournaments and its other activities as it nears E3 2017.

Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational will begin on June 13, which will compose of four pre-qualified teams from the U.S., Japan, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. One of the games that is to come later this fall, a game that may cause even myself to go out and purchase a Nintendo Switch once UoN releases me, is the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The release of Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is scheduled at 6pm PDT. Quite why a Nintendo Switch cartridge - essentially a jumped up SD card with a bitter taste - costs more to produce than a disc is anybody's guess.