John Oliver eviscerates one of Warren Buffett's favorite companies

Posted May 16, 2017

After a week of unbelievable news becoming reality, late night hosts across the political spectrum criticised Donald Trump over the firing of James Comey.

John Oliver has never met a Trump scandal he didn't want to skewer. As Oliver notes, "It is inherently suspicious to try to put words in Comey's mouth as you kick him out the door".

According to the White House, Comey was sacked late Tuesday on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein.

Oliver also expressed his skepticism of Trump's account of his dinner with Comey, in which the president said his FBI director told him he was not under investigation. Oliver mentions how Trump "is so desperate to appear dominant, he will rush to take the credit for anything, no matter how bad it is". "What are you doing?" If you said he fired Comey because he's investigating Russian Federation, I'd believe you. Oliver said. "It's the kind of response that makes you ask three questions: One, can he really be this stupid? Two, does he really think we as a country are this stupid, and three, are we as a country this stupid?"

The host then called out GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for refusing to answer questions about the firing.

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He argued that it's easy to just write Trump off as insane, but that the rest of us, especially Congress need to step up and start putting limits on the abuse of power that could soon come to seem normal. Oliver also noted Rosenstein - in light of Sessions' supposed recusal from anything having to do with Russian Federation - could "appoint a special counsel within the Justice Department", or what is most often referred to as a "special prosecutor." Sen.

John Oliver called on the Republicans in Congress to keep Donald Trump in check following firing of James Comey.

"The founding fathers created a system of checks and balances to limit the power of the president".

He ended his segment with an attempt to appeal to the 534 members of Congress who aren't Ted Cruz to get them to do, well, anything about it. Congress could push for a special counsel to investigate or, if nothing else, admit that this isn't normal.