Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Returns to 'SNL'

Posted May 17, 2017

The faux Trump acknowledged he fired FBI Director James Comey because of his investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, only for Holt to learn that "absolutely nothing matters" when it comes to this president.

Also, in another one of those self-referential - otherwise known as self-promotional - tie-ins to NBC News, the cold open featured Alec Baldwin/Donald You-Know-Who in "part two" of Lester Holt's (Michael Che) interview with the president.

As questions start pouring in on the chances that he may be removed, Spicer sets out on his motorized podium out of the West Wing Briefing Room for New York City to talk with the President. Of course, Trump hasn't been to his NYC Tower in months, so Spicer heads to the golf course, where he delivers a passionate plea to his beloved boss - ending in a very passionate kiss with a very handsy Baldwin, though we're sure it was just impeccably accurate character work. For this season, only Alec Baldwin's turn as host on February 11 had more viewers (McCarthy also played Spicer on that show, too).

Mr Trump then begins to flirtatiously tickle Mr Spicer, before commanding the other man to kiss him. "Trump in innocent. How do we know?"

The real-life Trump was reportedly upset earlier this year with "SNL" having a woman play his press secretary. "I can't swim", Spicey says as he rolls around Manhattan.

"I've got a tracking number right here if you want to check it out", Spicey continued.

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As expected, this weekend's Saturday Night Live made great use of Melissa McCarthy to make some deep digs at the Trump administration's expense.

When pressed if Trump is lying to him, Spicer insists "he wouldn't do that, he's my friend".

"Were you surprised that he fired Comey before he fired you?" one asks.

Luckily, the scene ends on a (sort of) happy note, with "Trump" promising "Spicer" that he'd never replace the press secretary with Sanders. "I should fire him", Baldwin's Trump says.

"Nothing's going to stop me because I've got the Republicans in the palm of my hand", Baldwin's Trump says before bringing out House speaker Paul Ryan (played by cast member Mikey Day), who offered him two scoops of ice cream, a play on a weird fact revealed while dining with reporters from Time magazine earlier this week.