Google Announces New Wireless VR Headsets By HTC And Lenovo

Posted May 18, 2017

Clay Bavor, Google's vice president of virtual reality, claimed the new Standalone VR devices would drastically improve the current-generation experience (though it's still not clear how). These will use a technology called WorldSense, which is described as inside-out tracking.

Microsoft has touted inside-out tracking in its HoloLens and other third-party Windows VR headsets as a key differentiator from the competition. Once again, this is something entirely different, with no phone or PC required to get these mystery headsets to work "later in the year". Neither headset has been named, but HTC's model appears to incorporate both its own "Vive" trademark, as well as the Google "Daydream" name.

Standalone Daydream VR headsets are due to hit the shelves later in 2017. In related news, Google is also coming up with the second iteration of the Tango-enabled phone, the Asus Zenfone AR.

Meanwhile, Google has been steadily building up its collection of tools for creating VR content.

According to a blog post published today, "more information on Vive's standalone VR headset will be made available soon, but rest assured it will be simple, easy-to-use and with no cables to connect".

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The new headset will be releasing from HTC "later this year".

Google Daydream has many phones that are now compatible, including the upcoming LG flagship smartphone that will be launched later in the year.

Google announced new details about Android O (it's gotta be nicknamed Android Oreo, right?) and it's not going to be a big feature-packed update. "Vive's standalone VR headset will provide a deeper and more immersive portable VR experience than ever before".

Google also showcased its Expeditions AR program as part of its educational outreach efforts.