Union: Up to 40K walking off the job at AT&T this weekend

Posted May 20, 2017

AT&T's wireless workers have never gone on strike, and the union says the three-day strike, which would involve 40,000 workers nationwide, would have the potential to disrupt customer service.

Workers are fighting for affordable benefits, fair wages, job security and outsourcing, according to CWA.

Landline workers in California and Nevada picketed for a day in March to protest work rules for some in-home technicians and moves to replace US call-center jobs with contractors hired overseas.

The CWA was involved in a 45-day strike past year by 40,000 Verizon wireline workers that ended in June. CWA leaders said that while AT&T brings in almost $1 billion in monthly profits, the company continues to outsource and offshore jobs. "We are what help make AT&T the company that it is and, I think, that will get our message across", said Travis Daniel, picketer.

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CWA members at the store on Venture Drive in Peru picketed, but it was not immediately clear whether any, all or how many employees there were on strike. The walkout would mark the first time AT&T Mobility workers go on strike, potentially disrupting a large number of retail stores across the country this weekend.

The AT&T workers are the latest to join the picket line - following in the footsteps of 1,700 Charter Communications field techs and almost 150 Long Island Teamsters. As part of its next contract, the union wants to bar AT&T from changing its commission structure unilaterally. "Eastern Time on Friday, workers will be off the job and onto picket lines across the country". We have made every effort to bargain in good faith with AT&T but have been met with delays and excuses.

To keep raking in the profits, AT&T has ruthlessly pursued subcontracting of call center work.

The group is from the Communications Workers of America Local 4320.