Utah baseball team strikes out with 'Hourglass Appreciation Night'

Posted June 08, 2017

"The home team hosts the Billings Mustangs, but the real thoroughbreds will join Raptors broadcaster A.P. Harreld in the booth", according to a press release that was removed from the team's site.

Decorated with drawings of women in bikinis, the announcement said a "different stunner each half-inning" would appear and pose for pictures with fans at an August 11 game.

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Minor league baseball teams in Utah seem to be having a lot of trouble coming up with promotions that aren't outrageously stupid or offensive.

The Raptors - who are promoting themselves in 2017 as setting out to "Make Baseball Great'r Again" - had promised fans the chance to take photos with 18 local beauties, each of whom would get a turn in the press box providing color commentary for half an inning, noted the Tribune.

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Not surprisingly, the remarkably sexist promotion was panned on Twitter, and the backlash to it was so bad that the team scrubbed the release from their site. The Ogden Raptors offer a honest apology to anyone who was offended by the promotion itself and the contents of the press release, and in no way supports or condones the objectification of women. The night - to be held on August 11 - is called "Hourglass Appreciation Night".

The Ogden Raptors, a short-season rookie league affiliate of the Dodgers, scrapped the event, which was minor league in every sense.

"Stars is the ONLY talent agency dedicated to developing healthy role models within the media", the posting said.

On Tuesday, the Raptors issued a statement expressing "regret that an unauthorized press release was disseminated over the weekend announcing a promotion that was not approved or scheduled by club ownership or management".

For the most part, minor-league baseball teams come up with some truly hilarious promotions for their games.