Alleged shooter volunteered on Bernie Sanders campaign, Senator 'sickened' by shooting

Posted June 16, 2017

Robert Becker, who oversaw Sanders' campaign in Iowa and other key states, said none of the campaign field organizers in Iowa or IL could remember a volunteer named James Hodgkinson. "We've got to stop the violence". "The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a Republic", Brooks said.

The fifth person wounded in the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday morning was a former congressional aide, who now works for Tyson Food.

Sanders, however, made it clear he was "sickened" by the shooting and condemned the act as "despicable".

"Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy, " he said. "It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co", Hodgkinson posted on Facebook on March 22.

Sanders said in a statement that Hodgkinson "apparently" worked as a volunteer for his presidential campaign previous year.

In a statement from the White House, President Donald Trump said Hodgkinson died of his injuries. Orear said he had no idea that Hodgkinson would be involved in something like a shooting. Hodgkinson used a pocket knife to cut the friend's seat belt and punched that woman in the face. The charges were dismissed, the records show. The Alabama lawmaker said he colleague "crawled into the outfield, leaving a trail of blood". Hodgkinson allegedly shot Scalise and four others, including two Capitol Police officers, before being shot himself and taken into custody.

"Here's a Republican that should Lose His Job, but they Gave Him a Raise", Hodgkinson said of Scalise, pointing to a cartoon about the congressman.

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"America is praying for you and America is praying for all of the victims of this bad shooting", the President said.

"Steve Scalise, a member of House leadership, was shot and badly wounded, and is now in stable condition".

Hodgkinson also had arrests in his background for a series of minor offences and at least one more serious offence. "Steve, I want you to know, you have the prayers of not only an entire city, but an entire nation behind you and, frankly, the entire world". "I do think that things have become very partisan and very hardened in the country today", he said.

Hodgkinson was then shot by an officer, and died at the hospital.

He said he had spoken with Mr Scalise's wife, Jennifer, and pledged his support. He said he was part of a "99%" team drawing attention to the amount of money and political power the top 1 percent of Americans acquired. "We are with her and with the entire Scalise family".

Texas Rep. Roger Williams says a member of his staff was also shot and was receiving medical attention.

According to Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina), Hodgkinson approached him prior to the shooting and asked if the congressman playing were Democrats or Republicans.