Alex Jones interview draws 3.5 million viewers

Posted June 20, 2017

After a lot of hype - and uproar - Megyn Kelly's controversial interview with Alex Jones finally aired on Sunday night.

The 19-minute segment aired as scheduled Sunday night.

The three shows that aired on ABC after Kelly's - "Celebrity Family Feud", "Steve Harvey's Funderdome" and "The $100,000 Pyramid" - earned at least 1.4 million more viewers than Kelly's did.

To the slightest relief of decent people everywhere - some who may have been watching NBC's "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly" against their better nature - the host was tougher on Jones that she was with Vladimir Putin a couple weeks ago.

Hours before his NBC interview aired, Jones offered his "sincere condolences" in a video message, saying "parents should never have to bury their own children". Meanwhile, Jones demanded the segment be killed, insisting NBC News' promo for the interview had been edited to distort his views and threatening to release his secret recording of the full interview - which has yet to surface.

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And Kelly didn't just lose viewers.

But the controversy didn't end there.

With the preponderance of evidence on her side - namely, videotape of Jones making ill-informed (to say the least) statements about bad events he apparently knows nothing about - Kelly blocked every attempt he made to blame other media. The two frequently interrupted each other as Kelly kept asking if he would admit to his wrongdoing and a visibly tense Jones kept deflecting her questions, blaming the media for distorting his remarks or veering between acknowledging and disputing the tragedy. Nicole Hockley, who lost her 6-year-old son Dylan in the shooting, publicly announced she wouldn't view the interview for "obvious" reasons.

"I tend to believe that children did probably die there [at Sandy Hook], but then you look at all the other evidence on the other side I could see how other people believe that nobody died there", Jones told Kelly in a type of response she earlier referred to as "classic Alex Jones", which is, "reckless accusations followed by equivocations and excuses". Jones leaked audio of his conversations with Kelly days before the broadcast. But he says there is still plenty of time. "These programs take a while to find an audience, and you won't find it in the first few months".