'Vemon' film to be set in same universe as 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Posted June 21, 2017

And while that connection seems like it should join them to the MCU, things are far more complicated than they seem.

Spider-man's show-stopping gameplay reveal stood out like a New York City skyscraper on the skyline of Sony's unusually flat E3 press conference.

However in a recent interview with both Feige and Sony's Amy Pascal, the latter insisted that we may indeed see Holland's Peter Parker in the Venom movie.

Submit your Newswire tips here. But a new report indicates that Spidey may also, in the future, cross cinematic paths with more Marvel figures who, for now, are exclusively part of Sony's superhero stable.

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Confused about the continuity about Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spin-offs like the Venom and Black Cat and Sable movies?

"For now, there is no plan for Venom in the MCU", Feige told AlloCine. The movie will star Tom Holland as Spider-man, with some of the heroes in the Marvel roster appearing as well. "It's a Sony Project". Pascal also likened the shared Marvel universe movie dynamic to chapters in a book that you "have to" read before the next one and an "investment" in a "larger story". If that's still complicated, then think about it in "movie studio" terms - Marvel Studios already has their movies and characters lined up, and Sony wants to get in on that in what little ways they can. Did this imply that Sony was going to bring Holland's Peter Parker into its stand-alone features, thus making it an MCU movie by association? Marvel wouldn't throw all that away just so that Sony can pretend to still be a relevant player in Superhero movies long after they've given custody of their only superhero back to the company that actually owns him.

I'm pleased to announce we're giving away 20 admit-two passes to the Atlanta screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Homecoming is definitely part of the MCU, with Tony Stark playing a prominent role in the film and the plot fitting neatly into the existing MCU lore. After that, he is also confirmed to appear in next year's Avengers: Infinity War supposedly followed by a sequel to his debut standalone.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming", is due to be released internationally from July 5, 2017.